The DermoElectroPoration® System is a Class II FDA cleared biophysical alternative to infuse high weight molecule modalities into the dermis without the use of needles!

The DermoElectroPoration® System is a cutting-edge technology can infuse any water/saline soluable product up to a 5.0 mm depth in the dermis with a precise and uniform application.

Combining the Advantages


Iontophoresis is an active (electrically driven) method of delivery drugs into the body. It is based on the fact that compounds are composed of both positive and negative charged ions. When these compounds are placed in an appropriate solution, they dissociate into their polar components and assume a positive or negative charge. While in a charged state, each ion can be influenced by an electrical field within the solution. Positive charged ions are attracted to the negative pole and repelled from the positive pole, and vice versa. This electro-repulsion of like charges is the driving force for Iontophoresis.


Electroporation is a non-invasive method of delivering water-soluable drugs into the skin. When pulsed electrical energy is applied to a drug solution on the skin it drives that solution into the dermis.


We all have natural water-based channels. Ultrasounds have a vibration feature that creates distance between these channels allowing the ionic drug solution to penetrate and pass through.

Eliminating the Disadvantages


-Electrolysis reaction at the electrodes

-Change in the pH of the ionic drug solution

-Ineffective for delivering high weight molecules (only drug molecules less than 10,000 Dalton are deliverable)


-This high level electrical current causes severe skin damage


-Pain and discomfort


-No electrical current is applied

-Effects limited to the skin's surface

-Ineffective for delivering high weight molecules

Mattioli® Engineering removed the limits by combining the advantages of the existing technologies to create the DEP System.

Dermoelectroporation explained

DermoElectroporation® Technology Description

DermoElectroporation® is a patented, proprietary technology from Mattioli Engineering. It utilizes the skins water based “channels” to allow ionic drug solutions to penetrate due to controlled “electroporation-like” continuous reversed polarity electrical pulses. Because of this, DermoElectroporation® is able to control the average pulse value and vary the pulse shape according to the skin’s specific electrical impedance.

DermoElectroporation® promotes the transdermal delivery of both micro- and macro molecules (up to 2 million Dalton weight) safely into the body without the need of modifying the ionic drug solution pH, as with traditional iontophoresis.  DermoElectroporation® does not require a pH compensation patch, driving gels, or pre-charged ions.

Unlike traditional iontophoresis, DermoElectroporation® does not have an electrolysis reaction at the site of the electrodes. There is no degradation of the molecule being delivered.This means that both positive and negative ions of the drug are delivered into the body – the drug is delivered as a whole.

DEP Advantages

Mechanism of Action

Iontopheresis utilizes the skin water-based channels to allow product penetration due to controlled current pulses delivered to the surface of the patients’ skin.

The DermoElectroPoration® System is an iontophoresis technology that allows for a dramatically enhanced delivery of a variety of substances into the various layers of the skin or subcutaneous  tissues.

Scientific Principles

Electrical Current Pulses flowing through the extra cellular matrix (mainly composed by water, ions, and glycosaminoglycans) produce a transient change in the microstructure.

Long-chained glycosaminoglycans orient themselves to create “channels” (water-based ones) allowing the delivery of macromolecules through the skin.

No cell injury (i.e. fragmentation of cytoplasm or nucleus, abnormalities of membrane due to low current intensity used).

There is no endothelial or micro-vascular damage as well.